Membership in the Legion is open to all Catholic men and women who lead edifying lives and are animated by the Legion spirit or at least desire to foster that spirit in themselves and are willing to fulfill the required duties. Let's listen to the founder himself describe the members of the Legion: "Not special souls or unusual types, but ordinary Catholics living the everyday life of the world. Its membership comprises the learned and the unlearned, laborers and leisured, the unemployed, widely differing classes, colors, races, including not a few whom the world would consider as primitive or depressed. In a word, it represents typical Catholicism." The aim of the Legion of Mary is to give glory to God through the holiness of its members. It aims to promote in the world the reign of Christ through prayer and apostolic action. It works under the control of church authority and is loyal to the church's teaching. Its spirit is that of Mary herself. The Roman Legion was a disciplined army clad in military array. Mary's legionaries put on the armour of God and promise to do battle with the forces of evil. Mary was central to God's plan of salvation. Her role is ongoing in the church. So legionaries act in close union with her in a wide variety of activities.